Where did Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin get his name?
I know that the name for an airship known as a "Zeppelin" came from Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, but before that, where did the word "Zeppelin" come from?
He was named after the muscial group. You see, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" has some well known "reversals" (fairly clear sayings audible when the song is played backwards). For such a feature to work, the "true," forward lyrics have features, at the beginning of a phrase for example, which coincide with the sounds that would be at the end of the phrase in reverse (roughly). The word "Zeppelin" first appeared back in time in anticipation of the Count's invention, which inspired the phrase "to go over like a lead Zeppelin" to refer to something which does not work well and in turn inspired, with some irony, the name of the band. So the word was invented in the past so that many years later the musical group could take it on as its name and craft songs that contain backwards facing lyrics which mirror the reverse-origination of their name through time-travel. Yeah, that's the ticket.
As has been pointed out to me via e-mail, before Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin got his name,... it came from his father!
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