as it is used to give someone credit or praise, what is its origin? Thanks.
Lewis Joplin II
I am away from my library just now. But I'd be willing to bet that "props" stands for "propers" and is a Black English term. I believe the meaning is along the lines of "what I deserve, what is due me." Proper respect, proper love and attention.

Evidence: lyrics from "Respect" sung by Miss Aretha Franklin.

I'm about to give you all of my money
And all I'm askin' in return, honey
Is to give me my propers
When you get home (just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah baby (just a, just a, just a, just a)
When you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

To be clear on the semantics, it's not so much praise as it is credit, and credit that is rightly due at that. Certainly it is an abbreviation, and I'd favor "propers" as the paradigm, but also offer "property" as a less likely alternative. The rationalization is that, in citing credits, one is acknowledging the proprietary nature of material... to ones homies.
Thanks LJ2 and AdSum. That sounds plausible to me.
Lewis Joplin II
PROPERS - "1) Respect. 2) Recognition for doing or saying something. Also 'props,' newer term." From "Black Talk: Words and Phrases from the Hood to the Amen Corner" by Geneva Smitherman (Houghton Mifflin Co., New York, N.Y., 1994)
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