Origins of pronouns
I realised the other day that the origin of the pronouns I and you are:Germanic ich/ik/ek and du from Indo/Persian ek/yek meaning the number 1 and do meaning 2. I = 1 and you = 2! Us comes from Uns (German) = plural of un/eins/uno (old european 1) = many I's. We could be a shift of II = more than 1 I!
Frank Pierce
Makes sense, except for the German "du", the French sound-shifted "tu", and the English "Thou" (or "Thooo") which seem to come almost directly from duo, dual, duet, dos, and other words of various languages relating to the numeral or quantity "two".

Note that some Germanic dialects often use "Zwo" rather than "Zwei".

Sounds more reasonable than Indo-Persian "ek/yek"

I think you've got hold of the wrong end of the stick: the ek/yek which is Farsi/Urdu for one refers to ich/ik/ek/I and the do which means two, refers to du/tu/thou
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