paige: I recently got into a discussion with a friend about the origins of the word "pooch". Neither one of us could figure out where it came from. I work in a a bookstore and so I have access to many reference books. I looked in Grolier's encyc. and i also looked up "pooch" in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). The only information i was able to come up with was that the word was first seen in print in 1924 and that it is a slang term for dog. can anyone help me with my quest? it has become a personal vendetta. and i must know the answer before i can rest. thanx to anyone who can help me out.. or at least push mein the right direction for my search.
Dick McQ: Eric Partridge in "A Dictionary ofSlang and unconventional English" 8th Ed. says about "pooch" Perhaps it is cognate with the German Putzi, a fairly common name given to a lap dog. Only reference I found taking a stab at etymology. If you hear of another source, let us know.

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