A man where my sister works says that manners originated from women. ????
"Please," in the ense of a polite request, is a rather idiosyncratic variant of "please" as in "pleasure," as used in "if it is your pleasure" (akin to the French, "s'il vous plait"), or "if you please." This comes from the Middle French, plaisir, and Latin, placere.

There's no etymological connection to the word, "women," though if there is a theory being advanced that the concept or practice was begun by the sex, it wouldn't seem very plausible, either, and would certainly be quite unverifiable.

Lewis Joplin II
The word "please" comes from the Latin "placere," to be acceptable, liked or approved.

Where did manners come from? Manners are a byproduct of civilized behavior. And I believe that civilization evolved from our need to raise our children in peace and safety. So mothers probably did take the lead in civilizing the species. Although, even as I write this, I do realize that many families today still endure barbaric situations like war.

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