pack o' poo ticket
yummy mummy
This was said to me and the user told me it meant something dishevelled, messy, chaotic and disorganised, as in "You/your office/handbag/bedroom looks like a pack of poo ticket." Does anyone know the origin? I'm particularly curious about "poo ticket". Why ticket?

It's regional, and I've found very few expositions for Australian slang. Y'all would actually be the resource I'd turn to for this, but, what I've found is that a "pack of poo tickets" is a roll of toilet paper. Why "tickets?" 'Cause it's funny and finishes the phrase with fricatives, but particularly due to the imagery of a slip of paper. I can only try to rationalize the association with disarray with an implied sense of used toilet paper [or a spent pack of poo tickets (soiled, wadded up, etc.)]. "Bathroom tissue," by it's very nature, has a negative connotation, but that wouldn't seem sufficient to relate disorder in itself.
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