Lord of the Flies
I was wondering if anyone if what the origin of Lord of the Flies meant, I hope so
It means devil. According to Webster's, The Hebrew, Ba'al zebhubh, which means "lord of flies," referred to a Philistine god. This lent to the Greek, Beelzeboub, and on to the Latin, eventually the English, "Beelzebub," from "before the 12th century" and means "devil." Webster's also alludes to Milton's application to a fallen angel, 2nd in rank to Satan and a Yahoo! search for "Beelzebub" should bring up a result for an entry in an on-line encyclopędia of Catholic terms which goes deeper into its origin, but The Lord of the Flies is a 1954 novel by William Golding (and there have been film adaptations). One might refer to this story, but if used in a sentence, it likely refers to a quite powerful (or the most powerful) of the malevanlent, supernatural entities.
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