like a palindrome
A word is a palindrome if it is spelled the same forward as backward. What is a word that, spelled backward, makes a different, but legitimate, word (eg, dog --> god)?
Well, surely it's the degenerate case of an anagram, but I don't believe that there is a precise term specifically for what one might refer to as literally-reversable word-pairs (as opposed to phonically-reversable). Perhaps one word could be refered to as the other's palindromic anagram, or more simply just as that word spelled backwards.
Lord Glenelg
Two words that happen to spell each other when reversed are generally just called reversals. However, some people have to be clever and call them semordnilaps.
Lord Glenelg
I should also note that you can find a list of long (>= 6 letters) at the bottom of this page:

Some 4 letter reversals that I find interesting are flog-golf, flow-wolf, ergo-ogre, and iron-nori.

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