What is the orign of the word gringo. I know it is Spanish slang, however I do not know where it came from.
Lewis Joplin II
GRINGO - The "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins" by William and Mary Morris (HarperCollins, New York, 1977, 1988) says that the "...legend that the Spanish American term 'gringo' - a pejorative label for an American - came from 'Green Grow the Lilacs' is a good story..." American soldiers was supposed to have "...sang this song repeatedly" during the Mexican war and the "natives" heard it as "green-grow," thus "gringo."

"...But the truth is the word 'gringo' was standard in Spain before 1787, half a century or more before the Mexican War...appearing in a Madrid publication in 1787 and meaning 'any person with a peculiar accent that prevents him from achieving the true Castilian accent.' In fact, the label 'gringo' was first pinned upon the Irish..."

I thought it was a slang variant of the Spanish word for Greek, "griego," broadened to any foreigner and with a derogatory flavor as added.
Jaw Bone
According to Marine Corps legend, the term was coined by the citizens of Mexico City during our war with Mexico. During the Marines landing at the "Halls of Montezuma" the Marines wore a green with white trim uniform. In protest the citizens would shout green go!!!!! Now the word is spelled gringo meaning a blanco norta americanos.
Gringo is sapnish for a whit person.or for someone of anglo roots.
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