give a hoot
does anyoneone know what a hoot is?
The lower-case Greek letter, iota, is represent by a small line. The modern Latin alphabets' (that is, of the Romance languages) lower-case "i" is the inhieritor, but iota didn't even have the dot or sarifs, just a half-height, slightly curved mark. From this "iota" came to refer to an infinitesimal quantity, as in "not one iota." Rural areas in the 1800's used "hooter," presmably mimicking the use of "iota" but giving it the color of local patois in ignorance of Greek (iota " hiota " hioter " hooter, something like that). "Hooter" gave way to "hoot." To "give a hoot" is care even the least bit about it -- to give a shit.
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