Failure to recognize women in sociology
A colleague recently received the following question from one of his doctoral students. I gave him a couple of Political Incorrect responses, together with the flip answer 'misogynosociological'. Then I found the question was meant seriously. Any ideas?.. and I'm NOT interested in whether the word should exist, or why... just what it is!

"I am looking for a word that means failing to give recognition to contributions of women to sociology"

Frank Pierce
Off-hand, I'd guess that there's no single word that would be useful in describing such a very specialized set of conditions. And short of coming up with a lengthy concocted word such as you did, there's really no need for one. Such words are almost humorous in themselves and require lengthy analysis and translation. I daresay the old term "antidisestablishmentarianism" would never have seen the light of day if someone hadn't tried to find "the longest (and most obtuse) word in the English language.

To take it to an extreme to illustrate the point, we have absolutely no need for a single word to describe the carbon buildup and subsequent misfiring of the number four sparkplug in a Chrysler 383 cid engine. We simply say it. So my answer to the doctoral student would be to speak of one who exhibits "misogynistic tendencies in his analysis of current sociologist writings."

That's good English, relatively short, easily understood, and doesn't call attention to the author's own rather precious degree of literacy. I'd go with it.

I know this to be a tangent, but I'm fairly certain that "antidisestablishmentarianisms" wasn't specifically contrived for the novelty. The Disestablishmentarians were a legitament English political group and the etymology just took off from there.
Frank Pierce
You are certainly right on that "off-topic" bit. I am sure that the "anti" prefix and the "ism" suffix were just added for fun to see just how long they could make a word derived from "establishment."

And by the way, I should mention that I wasn't trying to give an overly serious answer to AtoZ. I saw the humor underlying that post and my reply was sort of tongue-in-cheek too.

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