Go figure, I'm an epidemiologist and just found out what I think is the root of the word. I think it comes from Epidaurus, and Asklepious. Does anyone have any comformation of this? That's all thanks.

Nope, it's from the Greek, epidemia meaning "visiting," epi-, "at,""towards," or "upon" and demos, "people." An epidemic could be said to be that which is visited upon the people and epidemiology could be said to be a study related to matters towards the people insofar as how the affliction presents itself (as opposed to the pathology which is a study related to matters of the causal or functional aspects of the disease [the pathogen] itself).

I believe that "Epidaurus" is the place which is upon (epi-) the hard (-daurus) ground. Both epidemics and Asklepious relate to medicine, but I haven't found any etymological connection.

It did sound a little too good to be true. I had heard epi and demo break down before. I hoped though about Asklepious. It;s much more romantic sounding. But of course I could never have a job with an idylic name, what was I thinking. I just get to work on the people. Thanks for the info though!!!
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