drinking terms
I've recently come across two words referring to alcoholic drinks that i have never heard before, scoops and shickers. Could anyone tell me if they know where these words have come from?
This is unsubstantiated, but to get the ball rolling, I understand "scoops" to refer to some, drink-specific additive, such as sugar, which can be scooped (or ice-cream in root-beer floats, that sort of thing -- where, based on the drink, some take it with, or without, scoops of something, something that's understand as part of the recipe for that drink).

I take "shickers" to be a way to euphamize "shit kickers" and refers to powers of intoxication.

John Leigh
Shickers might very well come from the Yiddish shiker from Heb. sikk˘r, meaning drunk. See OED for more information. See also Robert Chapman, American Slang, abridged version, sv shikker or shicker, p 390
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