Dolly Varden cake
Alice McKenzie
what is the origin of the dolly varden cake
I must race out and get Dickens' "Barnaby Rudge" (1841) and read it immediately, because the character of Dolly Varden must be something special indeed to have inspired all that's named after her.

There's the trout (in Alaska and China) named after her pink spotted green dress; there's the bathing suit made of flannel chintz; there's the straw hat, with the tilt that goes forward over the nose and up over the back; there's the dress; there's the Cockney rhyming slang for garden; there are hotels and cafés.

But as for the cake. Some recipes call for alternate layers of white cake with cherry dots and spiced cake, with frosting between and around, and decorations on top. It's my guess that it's this combination of sugar and spice and all things nice, with echoes of her colorful dress that led to the name.
Sounds like my kind of woman... I mean cake!!

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