Origin/Definition for slang term COP
Could someone please tell me why the term COP is slang, and usually deragatory towards Police Officers. I was told it was something started in England, but I cannot seem to find any info on this.
Thank you in advance.
"Cop" is short for "copper," from the Latin, capere, to capture. To "cop a glance" is to steal one. Cops take things.
The proposed origin that "copper" refers to the type of metal used for the buttons on an English bobby's uniform is fiction.
It's always been my understanding that "cop" is an acronym for "constable on patrol."
Lord Glenelg
Good rule of thumb: any acronym etymology for a word that predates WWII is false. The only exception to this rule that I know is rather marginal: awol.

There's several bogus acronym etymologies running loose in the world: posh, tip, and wog come immediately to mind. And, of course, cop.

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