sex related but not pornographic
Ok, I'm not trying to be funny or pornographic.

This is a legit question that someone asked me and now it's driving me crazy.

Trust me how I got here is totally innocent. My friends seem to think I know everything or that if I don't I can always find out.

OK, here it is:

What are the origins of the word "come" (or the porno-influenced "cum") as a slang term for orgasm?

At first I thought that maybe it was from the word "cumulative" but now I'm thinking that maybe its just a corrupted spelling of "come".....that idea is supported by some of the dictionary entries I found, but they gave no origin info....

I also found a dictionary entry that said "cum" meant "semen" but that made no sense unless there is something about the word "semen" I don't know or can't find.

I searched the Web diligently but absolutely refuse to access any sex sites.

In the non-erotic sense, there is a now obsolete sense of "come" meaning "to become moved favorably" which is an apt enough discription of orgasm that I'd hypothesize this sense to continue to exist in the erotic sense (and further guess that the "cum" spelling is a mere affectation -- note that "came" is popularly used to form the past tense of this sense).

Other areas to research are that the term is simply an abrreviated "come [to orgasm]" or that "cum" is the paradigm and that has a more essential etymology than constructs as "cumulative" in that it litterally derives directly from the Latin article, cum, which means "[together] with" or any number of words and phrases involving it (not excluding "cumulative," but also inlcuding phrases) such as otium cum dignitate, "leisure with dignity," or some, more relevant, cliché.

I suspect it's more in the sense of 'come to the boil' or 'come to a head', i.e. arrived at a finality.
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