Camptown Ladies
In the Stephen Foster song, "Camptown Races," there is a line that refers to "Camptown Ladies." Who or what were Camptown Ladies?
Lewis Joplin II
I think this is pretty much straight forward. Ladies that lived in Camptown.
Remember "'Camptown ladies sing this song, do da, do da?' Well, the song originated out of a little town in Bradford County appropriately named Camptown. Apparently, this well-known Stephen Foster song was inspired by the horse races that ran from this village to Wyalusing. A historical marker acknowledging Camptown and its famous race is located at the junction of routes 706 and 409 in Camptown. For the Stephen Foster fans, "The Tioga Waltz" was written by Foster while he lived in Towanda and in Athens (both in Bradford County) in 1840-41. Another Stephen Foster historical marker was erected in May of 1947 in Athens, noting where Athens Academy once stood - the school Foster attended. A third is situated on Main Street, near State Street, in Towanda."

Anyone else have any ideas?

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