I was wondering if anyone had an idea of where the phrase "bug-a-lugs" came from?
I've got a 6-pack and a pizza riding on this,so any thoughts would be appreciated.
Lewis Joplin II
I've never heard that expression. I'm from the U.S. Is this anything like "chug-a-lug," meaning drink a liquid (usually beer) down rapidly?
yummy mummy1
Bug-a-lugs is a name, not a phrase, as in "We're all doing our bit except for bug-a-lugs over here". Don't think it relates to chug-a-lug but will get back to you on a meaning if I can find one.
yummy mummy
The word "lug" is American slang for "an awkward or stupid person", and can also be "an affectionate term for a man", as in "Give me a kiss, you big lug". (Cambridge International Dictionary of English). Combine this with one of the accepted meanings of the word "bug", to annoy, pester or irritate, as in "Don't bug me", and you have a term to describe someone who is a bit of a silly pest, but whom you regard affectionately.

The Macquarie Dictionary of Australian Slang bears this out, describing the term "buggerlugs" as "a mock abusive term, used affectionately". In this context, terms to describe the word bugger and various derivative words and phrases include nuisance, wrecker, time waster, frivolous behaviour, nothing of substance, aimless or ineffectual.
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