Australian slang
Does anyone known the Australian slang word for an alcoholic drink of dubious origin? I think that it is someting like shippo.
I get that "seppo" is Australian slang for an American but that "turps" (as in turpentine) is an alcoholic drink. As a seppo my own self I'd leave it to an Aussie sound-off on whether "turp" is used generically, or for dubiously originating (in the sense of "a mickey" or of "mooneshine?"), or if there's a better candidate word.
yummy mummy
I'm an Aussie and can't think of any word sounding similar to "shippo" or otherwise that comes into this category. As AdSumADS suggested, maybe "turps" is the word you're looking for, but not sure.

"Going out on the turps", "Getting on the turps" or "a night on the turps" refers to going out and getting very drunk, usually with little thought to the quality of the drink. The term tends to be more commonly used by males in reference to going to the pub or a "night out with the boys", and would often be used in the past tense during the hangover phase, eg "Geez mate, you don't look too flash, didya get out on the turps last night?"

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