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Here are the latest definitions, starting in July 2015, newest at the top:

City Cancel:  Municipal budget deficit

Carat and stick:  Jeweller's sales pitch

Carrot and schtick:  Market gardener's comedy routine

Bud 'n' breakfast:  Redneck diet

Seizerian section:  Tax department

Problem gamboller:  Someone shorn at the pokies

Gloss ceiling: Paint company bar on women execs

Poll dancer:  Politician explaining away bad result

Pell dispenser:  Cardinal delivering excuses

Corn flakes:  Crazy farmers

Rain of terror:  Government propaganda

Rain of error:  Government propaganda

Reign of error:  Government propaganda

Stiletto heals:  Stylish acupuncturist

Assay assay assay:  Antipodean gold strike

DJ vu: "Not the same playlist AGAIN!"

One man brand: Clive Palmer (Aussie edition), Donald Trump (US edition)

Wan man band: Eskimo accordion player

Tux evader: Rich Kiwi redneck

Two-edged sward: median strip

Travail agent:  Whoever arranged Bronwyn's flights

Rustaurant:  Shipping container turned into an eatery

Rastaurant:  West Indian eatery

Lendlord:  Parent housing grown-up kids

Glide dog:  Canine helper for visually impaired pilot

Grope therapy:  Cure for sexual harassment

Simmer frame: Walking aid for grumpy old men

Defundent: Recipient of legal 'aid'

Pharmissy: Feminist chemist

Glucky: Wannabe grandma

Ladle snitcher: Cook who cries(Courtesy Amanda Horswill)

Discrumination:   Springbok bias against Wallabies forwards

Ausmosis:   Antipodean drinking style

Cradle snitcher:   Baby who screams when picked up

Designer ladle:   Posh serving spoon

Pregnant paws:   Kitty litter

And here are the earlier ones:

Alcozeimers:  Alcohol-based befuddlement

Annachronistic:  Cambell Newman's opinion of Anna Bligh's leadership

Ashgrave:  The burial place of someone's political hopes

Au Cointraire:  Alcoholic reversal of fortune

Baby face:  Reluctant recipient of political kisses

Barn again Christian:  Deep South rural fundamentalist

Beeraucrat:  Licencing inspector

Bludget:  Borrowing plan

Brain sturgeon:  One that doesn't have all its eggs in one basket

Bureaucat:  Cool dude who gets paid by public service

Carenivore:  Humanitarian aid worker

Christmas padding:  Boxing Day girth after a day of over-indulgence

Circumlocation:  Where little Jewish boys tend to cry

Coach potato:  Bus driver who needs exercise

Crassmas:  Attempts by retailers, lenders and media to cash in on the Christmas spirit

Culling card:  Upmarket version of a pink slip.

Curette Syndrome:  Erratic behaviour by canine growling at & licking its owner at the same time

Deja View:  Realising 10 minutes into the film that you've seen it before

Designer stubble:  Crop circles

Discrumination:  Bias against day-dreamers

Dourment:  Hidden propensity for crankiness

Dustination:  End of the road in the outback

Ergonomics:  I think therefore I spend

Ermail:  The sort of instant message you wish you hadn't sent to your boss or spouse.

Faceboob:  Bungled social media share float

Faderation:  Cause fashionable enough to unite the glitterati

Failing system:  Queensland Health's method of storing employee pay records

Farce majeure:  Irresistible power exerted idiotically (usually by government)

FatWaah:  A campaign that brings nothing but tears

Financial jeer:  Treasury's response to those trying to do their taxes honestly - AND hoping for a refund

Fritato:  Irish version of a fritata

Fruction:  The ruction caused by the right faction removing its fractional support for Kevin Rudd

Fruction:  Kiwi percentage

Gay light saving:  Queensland's answer to New South Wales and its Mardi Gras

Gloss ceiling:  Barrier to promotion in the cosmetics industry

Himorrhoids:  Men, according to radical feminists

Hisstory:  A version of past events you strongly disapprove of.

Hullelujah Chorus:  Mass sigh of relief at the ending of the Titanic centenary overkill

Hypochrondiac:  Long-term malingerer

Ignoranus:  An ignorant person who is also unpleasant (note the clever avoidance of crudity)

Laggage:  Suitcase the airline leaves behind

Lampen proletariat:  Enlightened Bogans

Loose canon:  Priests' justification for sexually abusing children

Lower House:  Whichever is worse behaved of House of Reps & Senate. Upper House: No such thing

Luddhist :  One who rejects innovation on religious grounds

Marmaladle:  Over-sized jam spoon.

Meddle of Honour:  Grudging award for those who interfere, but actually manage to help

Massachist:  Slave who moves next door to Uncle Tom's Cabin

Messochist:  One who untidies in certain knowledge of pain to come

Misochist:  Japanese food critic

Mossochist:  Scottish naturalist

Musochist:  Record company scout who recruits in pubs

Muterus:  Conversational topic women use to silence men

Naana nap:  Deep sleep following huge Indian meal

News Year's Daze:  'Nuff said

Ninny Nap:  Male senior citizen's version of a nanny nap

NoWT:  What was left when the NoTW (News of the World) closed

Opposition lieder:  The enemy's war chant

Over the tap:  Plumber’s bill

Palitics:  Jobs for the boys

Palygamy:  Gay version of a Mormon marriage

Pepperazi:  Over-excited news photographers

Personable computer:  One that smiles while it's crashing

Poll dancing:  Sliding out of revealing popularity figures

Polling boot:  The means of kicking politicians out

Prevenge:  Pre-emptive strike

Primate change:  The process by which outspoken senior clergy get moved on from the hot seat

Punkritude:  The (rare) ability of goths, punks et al to exude sexuality

Puparazzi:  Trainee news photographers

Pyramaniac:  Egyptologist

Readneck:  One who takes the Washington Post as well as the National Inquirer

Refusees: :  Asylum seekers unfortunate enough to choose Australia as a haven

Reign check:  UK law banishing Prince Charles

Retyrement:  When you reach 65 but the work still keeps going around and around (courtesy Geoff Turner)

Rite of reply:  Constant male attempt to get a word in edgeways

Scentillating:  Freshly roasted coffee beans

Schoolies Wake:  Friends' get-together to mourn depleted bank balances after being fined for idiotic behaviour

Shalottery:  When your ticket number's so close to the winning number it makes you cry

Share partfolio:  What's left of your investment after a market "correction"

Sliver-tongues:  Politicians too glib for their own good

Spate of Origin:  Media coverage overkill (it's only a game - not even Rugby Union)

Suppuration of Powers:  Government code of practice

Sux pack:  Taut Kiwi stomach

Swan song:  Wayne’s final Budget

Taxedo:  Posh clobber funded by taxpayer

Theory of Relativity:  How time slows when your mother-in-law comes to visit

Tintative:  Unsure about the shade of paint you're thinking of buying

Twatter:  Nonsense spouted by some on Twitter

Uggriphobia:  Fear of hairy boots

Umbilical chord:  Attachment to style of music born during ones adolescence

Vetish:  Canine compulsion to hump the vet's leg

VoVozela:  Irritating Australian biscuit that's always a bit flat

Yeaster:  Hot cross bun baker

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